What happens during a regulator service?

Your Scuba Regulator (usually) consists of; 1 1st stage, 2 2nd stages, 1 low pressure inflator hose and 1 gauge. The regulator is disassembled and inspected for corrosion or damage and added to an acid cleaning solution. Here, the build-up in particles from oxidation and (a.k.a green gunk) will be removed from hard to reach areas within the chambers of the regulator. Since scratching off the green gunk isn’t as easy as it seems, the before and after photos found here makes things even more (oddly) satisfying to see.

Next, consumables such as rubber o-rings, filters and seats will be changed using an original service kit. All o-rings are properly greased before assembly. The regulator is then reassembled and ready for testing. The IP and breathing effort of the regulator is carefully adjusted to give safe and comfortable breathing to the user. Lastly, we give the rubber hoses a silicon spray down just to give it that new car smell and shine, oh, and also retain its flexibility too.

What if I don’t service my regulator?

We’ve heard many reasons of not doing so;

“I haven’t used it in 1 year” “It still works” “I can do it myself”

Firstly, the o-rings will dry out and crack, once this happens, it may start to leak. Salt water acts as an electrolyte that allows oxidation to occur on the metal surfaces. Even if you religiously rinse your equipment with freshwater after every dive, there might be areas you cannot cover. The o-rings are recommended to last up till 12 months with/without use. So if it still works, you might want to run a service and not risk a leakage on an island without a service facility. Lastly, servicing a regulator at home is not impossible. However, most regulators are not serviceable with just that no. 4 allen key that came with it. Jokes aside, it takes many tools and expertise to perform the job for a SAFE and comfortable dive.

Will it burn a hole in my pocket?

Depending on the brand, service kits can go from RM 200 – RM 300. The rest lies in manpower and etc. Ask us here and you will be surprised!
P/S: No reimbursement of pant pockets.


I don’t live within driving distance, can I courier my equipment to you?

Of course you can! Just call us first and then address it to this.
*fine print: you will bear the shipping cost.