Ocean Diving System was founded by Leslie Attenborough who began Scuba Diving since 1982. Years of hands-on experience has set the company's standard of quality service, priced at an affordable value. The company’s core business comprise of Service and Maintenance of Scuba Equipment, Breathing Air Compressors, Pressurised Cylinders, Scuba Diving Courses and etc.

From humble beginnings of servicing limited types of Scuba Equipment, such as recreational open circuit systems, ODS is now able to cater to a wide array of equipment types, such as Technical/Military Closed Circuit, Surface Supplied System, and SCBA among many others. Armed with precision tools and invaluable experience, our professionals ensure a smooth operation after every service.

ODS ensures compressors are always serviced by experienced professionals. Besides, ODS also provides servicing and an air purity test in accordance to EN 12021 to certify said compressor as safe to use.

Also, ODS provides Inspection, Hydrostatic Testing, Valve Servicing and tumbling for cylinders used in various industries. ODS is capable of testing Aluminium, Steel and Composite tanks that adhere to the standards set by Fire and Rescue Department, Airforce, Navy, Oil and Gas industry and etc. Recreational industries such as Scuba Diving and Paintball also seek our services.

Lastly, ODS also provides helpful consultation on many aspects. For instance, the appropriate Scuba equipment to invest in that caters to the needs of the customer. To get gears both user-friendly and service-friendly, come on down to have a discussion with us today!

Our Clients

-          Major oil and gas refinery

-          Oil and gas service providers

-          Safety companies

-          Government sector

-          Dive centres

our mission

  • To supply our customers with affordable services while maintaining our quality in standard.

  • To build and maintain an honest retailer/customer relationship